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Web retrostorator. Bring back in time your shiny digital pictures.


Click on the slides to start the proyector.
The control has five buttons.From let to right and top to bottom are:
* Previous slide.
* Next slide.
* Focus--.
* Focus++.
* Power.

When loading a picture there is a posibility that it could be damaged, dirty or unfocused. Use the focus buttons to correct it. You can turn off the damages and dirt using the switches below the corresponding labels. Also you can invoke a randon defect using the buttons over the switches.


To retrostorate a picture, drag and drop it over the box with the slider cart picture.
You can drop your personal pictures to see how they could look after retrostorating them. The images won't be loaded into the server neither will be sent to the net. The process of pictures is made at your computer.
There is also the posibility of dragging pictures of other web pages.

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A long ago, an aquitance of mine, Mr. John Titor shared the schematics and code for a "time prospecting device". It is an artifact that can probe different outcomes for a given action. It was the 90s, the most advanced processor that I could reach didn't have the minimum specs to run the program, nor any hardware could transfer the bandwith of the data flow and no memory could store the IA datagrams and nets required. Nowadays we did build a prototipe that could see 10^18 diferent variants of a determined coin flip, more or less 10s in the future and 2 in the past. It took more than a week to do so.
But in the last ten years, neural and regular chips ones had advanced a lot, also I depured and debugged the code and blueprints, optimizing the process. I could then limit the number of posibilities and explore a selected route in the garden of forking paths.
I configured the machine to show records stored electronically in the alternate realities since reading them was way much simpler than aquiring the state of light particles to produce images and mass variations to produce sounds of the original device. In that way I could access all the data flow of a technologically advanced reality, ignoring the others.
When exploring a well documented route Known as Orbis Tertium I found traces of an alternate me that lived there. His story is what you will be told here.
So yes, all the events related here are real and happened to me, but unfortunately not the me of the universe in wich you are reading this.

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Fonts downloaded from here, Int10h. Int 10h is a BIOS interruption to access the display in 80x computers.
Also from Int10h got a script named ffcrt to transform the original videos into CRT looking ones.
The effects of this page are inspired and some code borrowed from Edwin at dev.to and the related ones. The bevel is from Retro CRT Startpage. Here is his git.
Arachnophilia and notepad++ were used to write the HTML, javascript and CSS of this page.
OBS Studio to capture the games.
Shotcut to edit and recompress.
ffmpeg is used by ffcrt, the Int10h script.
Screen dirt from the Inmersive Pip-Boy Cracked Screen.
Irfanview and Gimp used to edit bitmap images.
Inkscape for vectors.
StackOverflow, W3Schools and Mozilla MDN as sources of information.
RollerCoin is a game property of their autors.
Licensed under MIT license. Using careware license is welcomed. Sharing is caring.
SVG filter for effects.
Grunge Textures

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Color Controls
: :

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: 100
: -0.45 : -1.12
: 1.6 : 3.3
: 24 : 24

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filters-dispMap-BE-16 Test which verifies the basic facilities of feDisplacementMap.
filters-dispMap-BE-16 Test which verifies the basic facilities of feDisplacementMap.